Editorial: Terrible

POSTED: 08/12/15 4:00 PM

Describing the shooting of police officer Benjamin as “terrible” does not begin to put into words what happened yesterday afternoon on Front Street.

It’s like crime on the Friendly Island has entered a new and ugly territory. Countering this shooting with rigorous repressive measures will not improve the situation, because there is a direct link between the root causes of such crimes and poverty, unemployment and a lack of perspective.

And no, this is not an excuse to shoot police officers, or to shoot anybody for that matter. It is however a sign that there is an extremely desperate segment in our community.

Under the circumstances, and because repairing the country’s social fabric is a long term project that may never succeed, police officers need the best available protection  right now. The first step is the purchase of bulletproof vests. Their colleagues of the gendarmerie wear these outfits every day and as we have seen now – for good reason.

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