Editorial: Tax free does not mean cheaper

POSTED: 07/6/11 1:48 PM

A report that St. Maarten has the highest prices for gasoline when compared to the other countries in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom will likely raise some eye brows, because it a sure sign that tax free does not mean cheaper.

While we do not contend to be economists we can deduce that something here just is not right. A second and more frightening conclusion is that the government is not doing enough to ensure that the people of the Friendly Country are not severely hit in the pocket by fluctuating fuel cost. Let’s examine a few facts.

Fact 1: St. Maarten has no import taxes. Instead there is a through put fee at the harbor which ends up being passed on to the consumer. Maybe www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/products.html it’s time to lower that as a relief measure.

Fact 2: St. Maarten promotes itself as an ideal transshipment destination that vessels can reach in short periods at lower costs. That should mean transport costs are low for the petroleum and other products that is shipped here.

Fact 3: The people have no real insight into the price build up. Attempts have been made, but there are still some questions about figures that were missing through a short fall in the calculation.

Just these three points are enough to prompt a request for a clear explanation of why the people here pay more for their fuel than elsewhere and whether or not the government is at least seeking to give people and businesses some relief.

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