Editorial: Tax evasion

POSTED: 01/20/12 1:09 PM

The criminal investigation into possible tax evasion by the local Rolex-dealer has been ongoing since 2008, and yesterday the company was in court.
While evading millions in taxes may sound like a mafia-like practice, the reality is not that simple. The arguments the defense team presented in court give quite some reasons to at least suspect that the company in question was targeted on questionable grounds.
The case will continue towards the end of February when the prosecution will present its reply to the defense.

The final assessment is in the hands of our resident judge; her ruling will make clear whether the prosecution has a case or that the jeweler did everything by the book.
We do not expect a speedy conclusion because whichever way the ruling will go, the losing party will most likely go on appeal. That’s the way things work in a constitutional democracy, so we won’t get ahead of ourselves here.
However, the details of the case make clear that doing business on both sides of the border requires companies to have their administration in order.

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