Editorial: Tax compliance

POSTED: 01/22/14 1:29 PM

Professor Age Bakker, chairman of the College financeel toezicht (Cft), gave an interesting lecture last night at the University of St. Martin. He highlighted the strengths of the island compared to its larger sister countries in the Kingdom. St. Maarten has a can-do and entrepreneurial attitude, and an Anglo-American style belief in small government that maximizes individual liberty and freedom, all things that the chairman believes others in the Kingdom can learn from.

But we do have some grave shortcomings that must be overcome if this young country is going to survive, and thrive, in the long run. For one thing, we need better tax compliance. While the island’s economy is no doubt vibrant compared to the rest of the region, “figures show that tax compliance has been decreasing over the past few years,” the Cft said.

Roads need to be maintained, schools kept up as well as safety and security. Those doing business here shouldn’t just take what they can. Give back and pay your taxes.

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