Editorial: Tango

POSTED: 06/21/13 12:38 PM

It takes two to tango. That is a loud and clear conclusion from the addresses about good governance and corruption at the SHTA meeting yesterday. Governments cannot be corrupt without counterparts in the private sector that are prepared to pay bribes to get whatever it is they want. That is a sobering thought and an aspect that is often and easily overlooked.

Poor people pay the price for corruption in the end, because corrupt practices simply make everything more expensive. The private sector, but also individual citizens have therefore a role to play in the fight against corruption.

This means for individuals that they must bring up the courage to report corruption and to stand up against it, and for private sector companies that they have to implement mechanisms to detect and report these practices.

We are eagerly waiting for the first company to announce that it has established an anti-corruption protocol.

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