Editorial: SXM Confidential

POSTED: 03/21/13 12:53 PM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams is of course right when she states that the vetting information ministers submitted to her after their appointment in 2010, is confidential. We knew that.

But the controversy surrounding our justice minister shows how that confidentiality rule does not always benefit the minister in question.

By keeping this information under wraps it remains unclear to the electorate which masters our appointed and elected ministers are really serving. Where there is doubt, suspicion often is not far behind and that will never contribute to transparency in government.

The rules are the rules as they stand today, but it is time to scrutinize them and wonder whether they serve the country’s best interest, or only the interest of a select group of politicians.


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  1. JOHN DOE says:

    After reading all these articles everything is starting to make sense, no matter who we elect as the people, we will always have the same problem cause everyone is connected to each other in some form.
    Whether DP/UP/ Independent MP’s we continue to vote the same people back into government. They are all sheep in wolves clothing.
    It all started when DP, tried to Marie Buncamper and Louie Laviest out of government, Julian Rollocks worked for Sarah Wescott, now both her and William Marlin is besties. Romain Laville father worked for Theo Heyliger, which Theo Heyliger send him away for college or we would say did him a favor and he got into government, when he realize Romain Laville had integrity and he couldn’t control Romain Laville with his money, cause he tried to pay him off and Romain Laville walked, he was demoted, he tried the same with Patrick Illidge and he walk also. Jules James use to give Theo Heyliger free rooms at Pelican.
    Now Theo Heyliger, have Rolan Duncan on his payroll, who intern have is son in law Mr. Shigemoto and Martha Thewet on his payroll. Martha Thewet is who Duncan appointed to do the under the table stuff for Patrick Illidge. Patrick Illidge and Udo is under Theo Heyliger payroll also. Silveria Jacobs have Fredricks on her payroll. Now Sylvia Meyers in return wants Duncan out, cause he will kill her husband Toochi Meyers business in the PIMPING industry. In that way Theo Heyliger can get back in government.
    Now remember Theo in laws is Frankie Meyers, cause Frankie Meyers is with Brenda Wathey now, and Toochi Meyers is his brother. So we do understand why Sylvia Meyers is in a rush to get of Duncan, cause it will be harder for her husband to obtain whores. Gracita Arrindell started off strong, now she is at the bottom of the food chain clinging to life, so we most definitely know she is under some one of them payroll.
    Both Frans Richardson and Patrick Illidge where on William Marlin payroll. Roy Marlin and William Marlin are cousins. When William Marlin was in power he awarded all construction contracts to his son Ohndae, how happens to have Silvio Matser in his corner, who intern is Sarah Wescott in-laws.
    My final thought is no matter who we elect, the whole government is corrupted, because everyone is tied to someone, our island needs a new government, all past elected officials are CORRUPTED. Holland needs to intervene and shut is down altogether.
    WESOTT, MARLINS, BUNCAMPER, WATHEY, MEYERS, HEYLIGER, DUNCAN, ROLLOCKS, RICHARDSON, ILLIDGE, ARRINDELL, SHIGEMOTO, JACOBS, DE WEEVER. They are killing St. Maarten, and you all continue to vote them back in, boycott the next election by not voting for anyone, so they can understand that what they are doing is unacceptable and its not okay. They all are washing each others hand with the same soap (MONEY/BRIBES AND LIES).