Editorial: SXM Confidential

POSTED: 03/22/13 1:57 PM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams is of course right when she states that the vetting information ministers submitted to her after their appointment in 2010, is confidential. We knew that.

But the controversy surrounding our justice minister shows how that confidentiality rule does not always benefit the minister in question.

By keeping this information under wraps it remains unclear to the electorate which masters our appointed and elected ministers are really serving. Where there is doubt, suspicion often is not far behind and that will never contribute to transparency in government.

The rules are the rules as they stand today, but it is time to scrutinize them and wonder whether they serve the country’s best interest, or only the interest of a select group of politicians.

(This editorial – a reaction to statements by our Prime Minister, did not appear in yesterday’s newspaper due to a technical error)


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