Editorial: Surfing along (the wave of cruise ship tourists)

POSTED: 08/4/15 10:54 AM

St. Maarten has only itself to fear where it concerns its prized tourism economy. That is the opinion of travel entrepreneur Terrance Rey and his opinion makes a lot of sense.

It seems like the country is just surfing along on the wave of cruise tourists that arrive every year while ignoring the plight of big-spending timeshare owners.

The threat to the tourism industry is not coming from Cuba, Rey says, but from ourselves. If we do not address issues like pollution, in particular from the landfill, the tide will turn against us.

The good news is that there is still time to do something before Cuba really becomes an issue. That requires action from the government and the private sector.

This makes us wonder why everything is so silent around the Tourism Authority former Minister Ted Richardson ‘established’ just before his departure. After a first meeting in early December the organization could have been working diligently behind the scenes, but that is not what promotion and marketing is all about.

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Editorial: Surfing along (the wave of cruise ship tourists) by

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