Editorial: Supermarket control

POSTED: 09/17/12 1:35 PM

It is no doubt a good thing to control supermarkets, especially the food items that are on the shelves. But the question that will linger in the minds of supermarket owners in Middle Region will probably be: why us?
We have quite a few large supermarkets on the island and because these stores attract the most customers it would stand to reason to give them the royal inspection treatment – not as an anti-business initiative, but to keep entrepreneurs on their toes so that customers do not have to play inspector themselves all the time.
Checking expiration dates ought to become second nature to all consumers, because the reality is that our supermarkets do not seem to have this under control. That is not necessarily ill will, but for customers the result is the same if they pay good money for products that turn out to be not so good once they get ready to consume them.
So controls are fine, but let’s not exclusively go after the little guys while giving the big players the run of the place.

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