Editorial: Summer Time

POSTED: 07/11/11 12:51 PM

It’s summer time and the living is easy. The children are out of school, but staying busy with summer camps, Parliament has gone on recess and the courts are also taking a bit of a break before things crank back into high gear in the middle of August.

While we all enjoy the relative ease of this quieter time, one central thought must remain at the forefront of our mind and that is that this almost eight month old country has challenges aplenty.

Those challenges require that the students who will leave for study in a few weeks remember these shores and return once they’ve completed their study in four years times. Those challenges require that our legislators continue to work out how they can concretely contribute to solving the nation’s problems by enacting legislation that is right for the country’s particular nature.

This country’s challenges also require a judiciary that is able to equitably dispense justice and that there is space to punish and yet rehabilitate those who commit offenses. Those challenges also require that non-governmental agencies, community based organizations and churches do their part to ensure that the spirit of community that is needed to sustain this country continues to get stronger.

One group that does not necessarily benefit from this recess is the government as they must continue managing the day to day affairs and crafting the plans that will help to build a country that one generation is proud to hand over to the next. That dual role is a daunting task that will continue to test the mettle of those involved in the process and all of us would do well to ensure we play a role in making sure they get the necessary support and advice – even when they don’t like it.

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