Editorial: Striking the right notes

POSTED: 09/23/11 12:32 PM

The announcement that the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies and Tempo have signed an agreement that will drastically increase the island’s visibility is news that we should all celebrate, especially since it will soon make the destination even more visible in Latin America – a new source market where tourism officials want to see more growth. The conference organizers should also hold this development as an example that the event was truly not just another talk shop.
What is also clear from the development is that more use needs to be made of the Festival Village in Philipsburg which stands empty for many of the 52 weeks in the calendar year. The most action one sees at the venue is during the yearly Carnival festivities. At that time the venue is alive every night with local and international talent and booth holders making some bucks, while locals and visitors enjoy a show.
Beyond that however the facility just sits there empty, silent and languishing. We hope this new arrangement will truly be able to bring it to life more often as the island seeks new ways to keep locals entertained and tourists finding an extraordinary reason to come here. A word to the wise – music festivals are becoming a bit overdone as they exist in source markets and across the region. That means whatever is done will really need to be outside the box.

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