Editorial: Stricter policy against drug mules

POSTED: 05/13/14 2:07 PM

The prosecutor’s office in Curacao announced yesterday a stricter policy against drug mules at the Hato airport. That sounds like a battle cry, but is this going to make a difference? As long as security at the airport is so lax that it remains possible to smuggle huge amounts of cocaine aboard flights to St. Maarten, the possible punishments are not the biggest problem. The weakness is on a different level – the point where airport employees are supposed to check the luggage that passes through their system.

Last week is a case in point: a 61-year old man and a 30-year old woman traveled with 100 kilos of cocaine in their suitcases from Hato to the Dominican Republic. They were caught at Princess Juliana International Airport, but apparently nobody in Curacao noticed anything.

The idea to lock up all drug mules – irrelevant of the amount they carry – will put a strain on Curacao’s detention capacity. And let’s not forget that the 100-percent control on the other end – in Amsterdam – has shown some undesirable side effects. The stricter policy in Curacao will only make things worse.

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