Editorial: Stepping aside

POSTED: 03/19/13 2:01 AM

The United People’s party faction stated in a press conference yesterday afternoon the obvious: independent MP Patrick Illidge and Justice Minister Roland Duncan should step aside until the investigation into the Bada Bing bribery scandal provides more clarity.

The UP-faction is “not out for blood” but at the same time it is of course a bit of a field day for the party that was so unceremoniously kicked out of government during last year’s calypso-coup.

And indeed, the MP and the minister would make the correct move if they announced that they step aside (which is different from stepping down) until the investigation either exonerates or crucifies them.

After all, when civil servants end up in hot water and an investigation at their department is required, they are suspended – not because they are guilty, but because this guarantees a free and flawless investigation.

As we wrote before, these are the moments when politicians show what they are really made off – and it is up to Illidge and Duncan to step up to the plate

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