Editorial: Step by step

POSTED: 08/22/13 12:38 PM

Attorney-General Dick Piar’s call for legislation to protect whistleblowers has already fallen on deaf ears in St. Maarten. At least, this is how we interpret Prime Minister Wescot-Williams statement that she prefers to take things step by step and that she first wants to see how the government integrity program is going to function.

Along the way, we’re bound to encounter the deficiencies and then it’s early enough to do something about it, the PM reasons.

This feels however a bit like ignoring the global reality whistleblowers have to endure. St. Maarten does not have to re-invent the wheel, nor does it have to “wait-and-see” whether such legislation is really necessary, simply because there is ample evidence that by protecting whistleblowers the community will become a better and truly more transparent place.

St. Maarten does not depend on the government to bring this legislation about, because the parliament also has a role to play. The reactions from parliamentarians to this issue – or their continued silence – will tell voters everything they need to know.

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