Editorial: Stemcell research

POSTED: 12/20/11 5:11 PM

In line with the rather vague presentation Thukela spokeswoman Sandra Papale served in parliament yesterday, the Thukela partnerships description of its intended activities in its proposed International medical center are equally vague.

In a line-up of seventeen medical services, Thukela mentions stemcell research, without giving further details. This detail may well become a moot point once the government decides that the project is not beneficial for St. Maarten, but on the other hand – should Thukela not give more information about exactly what it wants to do on our island before any decision is taken?

It is all well and pretty to blindside Members of Parliament with an investment of “hundreds of millions of dollars” and with the benefits such a project would bring to pour economy, but when a first reading of the feasibility study shows that the considerable investment is “just” $128.5 million, one must wonder whether our parliamentarians have not just been assaulted with an ordinary sales pitch.

All this easily overshadowed details of the plan like, indeed, the intention to conduct stemcell research. Whether St. Maarten wants to support such research is obviously an open question, but it is definitely one that needs to be answered.

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