Editorial: Standards

POSTED: 06/19/13 1:36 PM

The Rotary Club of St. Maarten named three outstanding members of the community as Paul Harris Fellows.

To qualify for this honor, candidates must meet the high professional and high personal standards of Rotary – at least, that’s what the club wrote in a press release.

We think that these should indeed be the requirements candidates ought to meet, otherwise these  distinctions lose their value.

The Rotary Club is obviously free to take its own decisions.

We advise our readers to read the this story and to draw their own conclusions.

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  1. Rotary says:

    Its about money and nothing else. A fellowship costs $ 1000 that is paid by a sponsor to Rotary International. I know of Rotary members who wanted the fellowship so bad that they paid the 1000 dollars themselves (through their “sponsor”) so they could get one and receive the fellowship with the traditional drama and praise as if they were outstanding citizens. 90% of the fellows on sint maarten are useless individuals that did nothing for the Island. Ask them for a list and check it yourself.