Editorial: Stabilizing force

POSTED: 06/15/12 12:36 PM

The leader of the Man party in Curacao Charles Cooper is proving to be the stabilizing force in that country’s governing coalition. A few months ago he was the one to take things calmly when Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels was lashing out at the Man over UTS’ investment in a privately held data center. Now he’s called a meeting of the coalition leaders to discuss the heated exchanges between Gerrit Schotte’s MFK and Helmin Wiels’ Pueblo Soberano. Both these gentlemen have found a place of calm long enough to agree to the meeting.

The whole situation reveals that is always a need to have a stabilizing force within the government – especially when it’s a coalition. Our own local politics may do well to review how Cooper conducts himself and leads his party’s attempts to keep the focus on the content, not the personalities. Admittedly this is hard to do in Caribbean politics, because believe it or not, a majority still favors discussing the individuals involved, and not the content surrounding the issue. This must change if countries in this region, ours included, is to move forward.

We can see in St. Maarten’s recent political history that there was no stabilizing factor in governance. And we now question whether there is a party or Independent Member of Parliament who can and will fill the role, so that governance can continue until the moment when politicians truly have to fight it out during an election.

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