Editorial: St. Maarten’s Civil Code

POSTED: 08/23/11 12:08 PM

The changes the new civil code will bring are significant and they are not just about paternity and the inheritance legislation.
The code is a complex of rules and regulations that will affect the everyday life of all citizens and the Parliament should not take this lightly.
We suspect, though we are not entirely certain, that some parliamentarians are not fully aware of the legislation they are about to approve when the draft laws come to Parliament. We base this suspicion on the lack of pointed questions during yesterdays Central Committee meeting.
As Justice Minister Duncan pointed put correctly – if Parliament wants to change or adjust anything in the drafts, this is the moment to take the bull by the horns and do it. Once the code has been approved, making amendments will become more cumbersome.
We’re looking forward to the way the legislation will be handled in a plenary session of parliament – but with some concern.

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