Editorial: St. Maarten Government embracing integrity report

POSTED: 08/22/14 12:05 AM

That the government embraces the integrity report from the Wit-committee sounds like a piece of good news. If the government supports “99.9 percent” of the recommendations it feels like there is real change in the air.

The way Prime Minister Wescot-Williams danced around the fact that all ministers from her first two cabinets, including herself, have failed to submit mandatory declarations about their assets and side-functions belies that enthusiasm.

To say now that ministers had to get used to the law that makes this mandatory, while the PM said on earlier occasions that the ministers know that law only too well and that it is their own responsibility to live up to it, are things that just do not add up.

The Wit-committee has served the government forty recommendations. Some of them will only become a reality after the parliament approves new legislation – and we all know how cumbersome that process is.

It sounds like a great idea to set up a progress committee to monitor how fast and up to what point the government – the next government, we ought to say – will make a serious effort to implement the recommendations.

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