Editorial: Spot on

POSTED: 05/11/14 7:35 PM

Dr. Robertico Croes’ remarks at Thursday’s 35th anniversary gala event for the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Westin Hotel were spot on. For too long people have carelessly thrown out vague terms like “diversification” without adding any concrete or specific ways as to how the economy is to actually and realistically be diversified.

Croes said instead of concentrating on doing a little bit here and a little bit there, with, not surprisingly, mediocre results, we should instead focus on honing our service skills and upgrading existing facilities like hotels, restaurants, casinos, etc, so that they are superior in quality. Doing one thing, but doing it exceptionally well is a smart business strategy that many successful companies have employed. Coca Cola, for example, doesn’t build stereos as well as make soft drinks.

The local hospitality and trades industry would do well to pay attention. Hotels, instead of expanding, should upgrade their current facilities, and invest in the training and sharpening of their staff’s social and managerial skills. In that sense, he’s spot on.

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