Editorial: Speedy capture

POSTED: 11/1/11 12:26 PM

Monday was a good day for the police and the country. We should all be proud that in less than one year the amount of time an escaped convict stayed on the loose was reduced from months to hours. Everyone who played a role in the capture has done the nation a service and proved that we will not let criminals roam our streets freely.

The important thing for us all to do now is to keep the momentum that has been gained from this speedy capture. We must now turn that commitment to ridding our country’s streets of crime and criminals to the unsolved murder cases, the violent gun crimes and the gold snatching. We all have a part to play and while no doubt we press our government and police to keep us safe, we must also accept that we are co-responsible for ensuring that we can be free in our country.

Tuesday’s speedy capture should prove that working together with the police benefits us all and should lead to a speedy resolution to keep up that cooperation. Also let’s speedily put ourselves to work on reducing the ways we contribute to criminal acts by asking our non-working children where they got the nice things that we did not buy for them, or refusing to take the gypsy taxi, when a bus may be available.

Speedy capture is one thing, but we must also make a speedy arrest to the decaying morals in the society and the waning desire to put in an honest day’s work, for an honest day’s pay. Let us speedily remember that St. Maarten is successful because all her people work to make sure she is sustained and sustainable. We can speedily stamp out crime and delinquency. All it takes is coupling our intention with our action to reach our success.

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