Editorial: Soul searching (Justice System)

POSTED: 09/14/14 11:44 PM

Something is terribly wrong in a judicial system when a prisoner gets shot inside another by another inside a prison. It is not unreasonable for most people to expect that once a felon is convicted and placed behind bars the last thing he can get his hands on is a gun.

Ideally, a prison is supposed to be the ultimate stronghold of the law, an impenetrable fortress where inmates are expected to serve their time for crimes against their society and, hopefully, rehabilitated and rejoin that society after learning from the error of their ways.

It is understandable that makeshift weapons like shanks and crude knives inevitably find their way in the hands of industrious and clever prisoners who have grudges inside a confined space, but a gun? That had to be brought in from the outside and is a serious breach of security. It only underscores the serious problem that St. Maarten has too many guns on the streets, and now, apparently, even inside its prison.

The justice system needs to do some serious soul searching, as well as continuing the search for guns.

Editor’s note:

Yesterdays headline printed the erroneous figure of $23 million dollars that the state may have to pay in pensions for retired ministers and MPs. It was a typo. The correct figure is closer to $4 million as was actually reported in the story. Today apologizes for the misconception.

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