Editorial: Smear campaign

POSTED: 11/16/12 6:26 PM

There are lies, damned lies and statistics, the saying goes. Lies are bound to come out sooner or later and statistics usually lead a happy life of their own.

So what to make of the lies Inspector General Earl Best told the media in a press release issued on Wednesday night? It created the impression that a company owned by hospital director George Scot is fiddling, that it is not even registered at the Chamber of Commerce, that there is no director’s license, and so on.

Scot provided this newspaper with the proof that these statements are blatant lies – there is just no other word for it.

That makes one wonder why the inspector general unleashes all this vindictiveness at the hospital director.

For Scot, the answer is clear: the hospital has to fail so that parties interested in developing medical tourism are able to step in the void and present themselves as the saviors of public healthcare.

That all this has more to do with greed and personal agendas, is clear to all who are willing to see.

It is time to put an end to this smear campaign and to give the medical center the space it needs to provide quality healthcare. Right now, too much energy is wasted on bickering and nonsense.

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