Editorial: Slow company (TELEM)

POSTED: 06/18/14 11:48 PM

UP-leader Theo Heyliger presented a razor-sharp analysis of telecom provider TelEm in Parliament yesterday. It felt a bit like the wakeup call the company desperately needs.

For a company that is required to act fast in a highly competitive and fast changing technological market, TelEm makes indeed a sluggish impression.

Its last CEO was an interim manager who left in the fall of 2009. Talks about finding a strategic partner began in that same year, and the company also started up a venture in the Dominican Republic around that time.

Yet there have been no visible attempts to appoint a new CEO, the discussions about a possible merger drag on and on with no end in sight and activities and results of the company in the Dominican Republic are unclear.

To label TelEm as a slow technological company – as Heyliger did – therefore hits the nail on the head.

The question is now: will TelEm wake up and change its ways?

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