Editorial: Silent citizens

POSTED: 06/16/14 10:49 PM

When the police force sent out a press release earlier this week asking possible witnesses of the robbery at the Scotiabank in Simpson Bay to come forward we had a double feeling about this request.

First of all, it should not be necessary for the police to ask witnesses to come forward. If citizens want to live in a safe community – and we do not know anybody who does not want that – then they have to contribute to that safety.

Withholding information may not be the same as lying, but it comes close. Even worse, it supports the criminals that commit these robberies and enables them to get away with something that deserves severe punishment.

This way, silent citizens side with criminals. They are the same people who will scream blue murder if something happens to them ‘because the police do not do anything.”

Our advice: help yourself by helping the women and men in blue to the best of your abilities.

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