Editorial: Signs of confidence and growth

POSTED: 12/23/11 1:14 PM

It is still way too early to state that St. Maarten is coming out of the economic recession that the entire world continues to grapple with, but there are definitely reasons to be hopeful that the island and the region will climb out of the position it is in.

One of the two bright rays of sunshine to be seen today is the announcement that Liat has surpassed a target of moving over one million pounds of cargo within the first year of the service. St. Maarten was not part of this initiative from the beginning, but the announcement shows that this island’s involvement has helped to bolster business for the airline and its new initiative. Continued focus on this partnership, alongside plans to market St. Maarten as one of the regional shopping capitals will no doubt help to sustain and even give impetus to growth in the economy.

It is also good that Air Caraibes has added a third weekly service until March 20. This is a sign of confidence that there is increasing demand for the destination and will no doubt lead to further economic stimulus as tourists continue to flock here either on their own or in groups.

Capitalizing on this growth is necessary, but so is continuing to lay a foundation – through real economic reform – so that when these types of announcements become few and far between, the country will still be able to move forward economically.

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