Editorial: Short-term contracts

POSTED: 08/14/13 3:14 PM

The Council of Advice played the ball right back at the Central Committee when suddenly a question popped up about the infamous short-term labor contracts. Never mind that in civil law there are only two types of labor contracts: temporary and permanent ones.

The parliament (and before it the Island Council) have wasted countless hours on this topic without getting anywhere. Yesterday the Central Committee suddenly wanted to know the status of the advice by the Council of Advice about this topic.

If the subject was not so serious, the answer would have been hilarious. The Council of Advice said it dealt with this matter two years ago and sent its advice to the parliament. After that, it never heard about this issue again.

This is how serious politicians take the plight of citizens that wander from one 6-month contract to the next one. However, it will soon return to the political agenda because there are elections next year.

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