Editorial: Shooting is “an isolated incident”….. Dream on

POSTED: 07/17/14 5:13 PM

The shooting at the airport in Curacao seems to be related to a war between two gangs. Where gangs are involved, drugs usually are not far away.

In this sense, the shooting adds an argument to the debate about the legalization of drugs. If gangsters are prepared to protect their markets by shooting indiscriminately at their opponents – collateral damage be damned – it is time for the authorities to rethink their priorities.

When airports could turn into warzones any moment, tourists are going to think twice about the next destination for their vacation. In this sense, the shooting does not only affect Curacao, it potentially affects all Caribbean destinations with a serious airport.

The powers that be will of course declare (in Curacao they have already done so) that the shooting is “an isolated incident” – a message with a high don’t worry be happy content.

Well, we’d say – dream on.

Potential visitors will draw their own conclusions.

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Editorial: Shooting is “an isolated incident”..... Dream on by

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