Editorial: Shameful delays

POSTED: 01/15/13 1:01 PM

Is the civil service and the body politic suffering from mental inertia or does the system just function based on the general assumption that the wheels of bureaucracy are moving slowly anyway?

UP-MP Gracita Arrindell notes in a letter to the president of parliament that a Central Committee meeting that was adjourned on June 14 of last year was never resumed and that the legislation parliament is supposed to handle is therefore stuck in the system.

Arrindell’s letter is about eleven ordinances that fall under the civil code – and they have been stuck in the system for years: they were first submitted to the parliament of the former Netherlands Antilles in July 2010. After that it took almost two years before the central committee in St. Maarten got around to them.

And now, more than half a year has gone by and nothing has happened. It is time for parliament to set a stiff pace for its own meetings and to let nothing get in the way. The membership of parliament is a full-time job, but too often we see that MPs do not attend meetings because they have apparently more important things to do. And because their employer – the electorate – calls them to account only once every four years, they get away with a rather embarrassing attitude that leads to shameful delays in handling legislation.

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