Editorial: Shaking hands with H.M. Queen Beatrix

POSTED: 11/7/11 4:53 PM

Shaking hands with H.M. Queen Beatrix, crown prince Willem-Alexander and princess Maxima is not part of the daily routine for local journalists. Yet this was what we went through on Sunday morning at the Westin Hotel, where we were part of a unique press meeting with our royal visitors at the end of their ten-day trip through the Caribbean.
In an informal setting the royal talked and joked freely about their experiences, and while it is custom not to quote Her Majesty or other members of the royal family from such a meeting, the impression we got away with is that the royal family enjoyed the trip tremendously. And while they did their best not to put one island above any of the others, we felt that Saba has a special place in the royal hearts.
There is a reason for that: Saba is not for nothing nicknamed the Unspoiled Queen and it is obvious to everyone that the spectacular development St. Maarten has gone through in the past ten years has put our island in a different category.
The royal family found a common denominator on all islands though and that is the warmth of the welcome they received and the enthusiasm of the people.
Now we have to channel all that positive energy for the benefit of our own future.

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Editorial: Shaking hands with H.M. Queen Beatrix by

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