Editorial: Severing ties

POSTED: 01/9/12 4:52 PM

The feature speaker at Sunday’s National Day of Prayer Apostle Aster Allen has urged the nation to sever ties with the past. That’s a broad statement to make and many will have their own interpretation of what past behaviors and attitudes they will have sever ties with.
The fact is such a call represents very little but empty words if it does not take root in the collective psyche of the nation and its leadership. At the end of last year we chronicled how much things remained undone and how many situations remained unchanged. Yes it means the country has not failed, but it does not make it a success story either. So a starting point for severing ties is breaking away from the attitude of realizing that something needs to be done, but then doing nothing until we are again pressed to do something.
For those who are more practical, we must sever ties with the way we’ve been treating our environment, we must sever ties with an education system that is obviously not delivering the type of job seekers and entrepreneurs necessary to carry the country forward and we must sever ties with old economic models and find new ways to get the country back on a strong footing.
All of this will require that each person commits to St. Maarten and this country’s interests, not in finding controversy and drama behind every government decision, action or even inaction. We must also sever ties with our mostly wait and see attitude. Instead we must all become active participants in the country’s development; especially of we desire to reap 100 percent of the benefits that elevating our country can bring.

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