Editorial: Seventeen years later

POSTED: 09/5/12 10:41 AM

Some events become part of the psyche of a nation. For St. Maarten Hurricane Luis certainly was such an event. The storm came in on this day seventeen years ago, and lingered for another day. The destruction was enormous, and life on the island changed forever.
While we have experienced other storms since those devastating two days in 1995, none have been as destructive as Luis, though Lenny killed three people and destroyed 200 properties. But Luis killed 9, destroyed 1,300 boats and left 7,000 people homeless.
Today, the hurricane is part of our island’s history. While we mark the seventeenth anniversary in relative meteorological calm, the season is not over yet and it is therefore good to remember that it takes only one hurricane to cause such devastation.
Luis is a storm to remember and today is a day to think about the resilience of all people that lived through it and found the strength to rebuild.

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