Editorial: Seven robberies

POSTED: 09/22/14 1:40 PM

Guns, machetes and baseball bats. Armed robbery seems to have reached new heights with the recording of seven of such incidents during the last week.

In all cases, supermarkets were the target. That the people working in these places are feeling increasingly unsafe is understandable, but this sentiment could also affect potential customers. It is an all-around bad situation.

The police are doing what is possible to bring the culprits to justice. That is, as local history shows, only a part of the solution. There will always be others prepared to do the robbing.

The solution is not to be found in more police, more prison cells or higher punishments. Armed robbery is too often inspired by economic desperation. That does not justify committing armed robberies of course, but it is an aspect too look at.

Less unemployment and better economic perspectives for our working class will not solve all crime, but it will at least take away the need for some to steal from others.

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