Editorial: Settlement

POSTED: 07/26/13 11:47 AM

The story that Robbie’s Lottery owner Robbie dos Santos wants to settle his court case with the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not been confirmed yet, but the thought of such a possibility to escape criminal prosecution must have caused some concerns in the community in Curacao.

It does not look like the Prosecutor’s Office is eager to settle with the lottery-boss for a fistful of dollars – and rightfully so.

The Bientu-investigation has taken years to complete. Millions of dollars in assets have been frozen and if the court arrives at a conviction it could very well be that Dos Santos never sees that money again.

A settlement would send the wrong message to the community. Citizens that break the law have to give account in court and if they are found guilty they should receive their just punishment. Letting go of a case because a defendant is prepared to pay a lot of money to make accusations go away just is not the right thing to do.

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