Editorial: Senseless violence

POSTED: 11/24/11 8:41 AM

Senseless is a good word to describe pulling a gun and shooting another person for money. In the moment it may feel good, but in even the short term it does not resolve the core issue that two people are facing. So really Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson is right that Wednesday’s shooting and other such acts of violence are senseless.

In our opinion when one man shoots another for money or for another reason he creates vastly bigger problems than he solves. First he immediately is confronted with being charged and creating a criminal record even if he escapes with a conditional prison sentence and some community service. Secondly, he creates a headache of how he’ll collect his money, because by shooting the person he may put them in a position where they are unable to earn enough to pay back or they may end up dead.

We admit that when emotions get in the way logic is quickly blocked out. That is why we advocate for using the method so many anger management courses employ: When you start to get upset, turn or walk away and only begin the engagement again when you you’ve calmed down. This technique is necessary to keep us from giving in to baser instincts that we can and should control. So, like Inspector Henson said, let’s be mature and resolve conflict peacefully so that we set a good example for the youth and we don’t stain our country’s tag line “Friendly Island” any further.

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