Editorial: Sensationalism (Bada Bing bribery scandal)

POSTED: 03/11/13 12:27 AM

One would expect that Prime Minister Wescot-Williams would seize the opportunity to take a stand for integrity in the wake of the Bada Bing bribery scandal.
But no: a statement the PM’s cabinet issued this weekend focused on the inner workings of the National Security Service and on the incorrect call (by Dutch politicians) on the guarantee function in the Kingdom Charter. That is a valid point, by the way.
But there was not a single word about the thousands of dollars MP Illidge put in his pocket during a visit to the strip club. Not a word about integrity.
Instead, the media (without being mentioned, of course) got a beating. “We cannot prevent public sensationalism” and “I ask the people not to get caught up in sensationalism” are two statements that clearly suggest that the media created this mess.
We leave that for what it is. As we indicated last week, this bribery scandal is a fine opportunity for the political establishment to show what it is made off. Now we know.

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Editorial: Sensationalism (Bada Bing bribery scandal) by

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  1. Aesop says:

    I totally agree with this editorial. And it is even worse. Sara has seen the tape since December ’12 in the presence of her party officials. She instructed not to release a word. She swept it under the carpet hoping it would disappear until election time. Ultimately she could and should have derailed this traveling circus of government clowns. But loosing her own position was apparently too high a price to pay. And now that the story is out, she still steers away from the real issue with some lame press release. And she is supposed to be our leader? Power hungry and practicing hush politics. The wolf in sheep’s clothing has spoken again and the people keep buying her crap. Keep calm and carry on.