Editorial: Secret service

POSTED: 07/19/13 12:08 PM

It becomes slowly but surely clear that our country has been rather sloppy in its dealings with one of the most sensitive departments it has: the National Security Service VDSM.

That money has gone missing – or is not properly accounted for – is one thing.

That the oversight committee was first established more than thirty months after the territory obtained country status is beyond odd.

That this committee has apparently been established on April 13 (a Saturday), but that the decree to make this official is nowhere to be found is even more remarkable.

That no account has been given to parliament, as the law requires, is the next oddity.

That the parliament has never thought about bringing this issue up, says it all.

Scandals are never straightforward in the sense that there is just one guilty party and this applies to the VDSM-affair too.

Instead of starting the traditional mudslinging, all involved ought to examine their own role first.

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