Editorial: Secret service

POSTED: 08/9/13 1:40 PM

The first meeting of the Central Committee after the summer recess certainly did not mark a bright and new beginning. On the contrary, the arguments brought forth by the opposition sounded old and did not make a lot of sense. It was more about emotion and hurt feelings than about practical politics.

The opposition offered weak resistance and missed the opportunity to grill the minister of general affairs about the scandal at the secret service VDSM.

It was rather awkward to see the opposition put up a fight to keep the president of parliament on the VDSM laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ oversight committee while the current president will vote in favor of removing her function from this committee when the proposal comes to a public meeting of parliament.

Justice Minister Dennis Richardson nailed it with his remark that in our young democracy politicians, including the president of parliament, tend to operate along party lines and that it is therefore not a good idea to make this function part of the oversight committee.

That has nothing to do with the powers of parliament – they are in no way affected – but a lot with common sense.

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