Editorial: Screaming outsider or inside whisperer?

POSTED: 06/11/12 1:10 PM

Louis Mussington may be out of the race to be St. Martin’s delegate in the French parliament, but he’s not leaving the scene quietly. Instead he’s chosen to somewhat throw his lot behind Guillame Arnell’s candidacy by stating that a victory for Daniel Gibbs would mean disaster for the Collectivité de St. Martin.

We take his justification that Gibbs being opposition because of his alignment with UMP is bad with a grain of salt. One reason for that is the way the Democratic Party, which was dumped into opposition in 2009, returned to power in 2010 and was able to hold to that in 2012 when the government changed. We also note that internationally, parties can get things done even from the opposition, even if they are only able to secure a slim majority. One example is the United States where Democrats got Republicans to back them on President Obama’s new healthcare law. So while it is difficult, it is not impossible.

But the question that the people in St. Martin and St. Barths now face is whether someone screaming from the outside will be able to deliver all or more than someone who can whisper directly into the ear of the power brokers? That is the central question heading into next week’s runoff. And there is only one way to tell the world the answer and that is through the vote.

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