Editorial: Schotte’s problem

POSTED: 07/24/13 1:05 PM

Predictably, MFK-leader Gerrit Schotte was the first one to deny prior knowledge of the Wiels-assassination. This may very well be true, but Schotte’s problem is obviously that the perception that he might have known something will not be eradicated that quickly from people’s minds.

Investigators in Curacao are unhappy with the revelations about political involvement in NRC Handelsblad and they have now announced an investigation into the leak of this information to the media.

This is another predictable reaction that would make Pavlov proud. All this does not even come close to the real issue: solving the killing.

Discovering the media-leak may well damage someone’s career beyond repair but it will do nothing to provide clarity about the possible involvement of politicians in the assassination.

Almost three months after the assassination, we know something about the actual shooter(s) but nothing about their principals. That story will haunt Curacao for a long time to come.

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