Editorial: Same dog, different hat

POSTED: 06/17/13 11:40 AM

That there was something amiss with Taxand Curacao and the deal it got from former Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto back in 2011 is no secret. But that the situation at the company got so out of hand that the court allowed the appointment of an external manager to sort out the mess is new.

Court documents show that under Shigemoto the government spent at least 400,000 guilders on the project that fell apart when the first Wescot-Williams cabinet went down the drain.

Up to this moment it is unclear if and how St. Maarten has dealt with this ill-fated contract, but maybe the new Finance Minister Hassink will be able to clarify matters.

The global Taxand organization was already in August of last year fed up with the shenanigans of its affiliate in Curacao and forbid it to use the name Taxand any longer. The company to keep an eye out for right now is called Dutch Caribbean Tax Services. Same dog, different hat.

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