Editorial: Safety

POSTED: 02/5/14 11:50 AM

At almost all major sporting events that we can think of, there is at least a medical team on standby to ensure the safety of the players or participants. At boxing matches, for example, a fight cannot go ahead unless there is a certified doctor near the ring in case one of the fighters gets hurt. The same goes for many other competitive events where often young men and women pursue activities that could potentially lead to injury, or worse.

We are not saying that the death of the young man at the SXMNBA event over the weekend could with certainty have been prevented, but the lack of onsite medical professionals should not have occurred.

Every major sporting event held on this island, regardless of sport, should have the safety of both the players and fans in mind. And minimal health and fitness requirements of players in professional associations should be in place, especially in cardiovascular intense sports like basketball.

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