Editorial: Rules of order

POSTED: 04/15/14 11:32 PM

It took a long time but they are finally there – the definite rules of order for Parliament. The project has been in the desert for around forty months – more than a lifetime in political terms, but now we have some useful changes on our hands.

The most important amendment is without any doubt that meetings that are adjourned have to be reconvened and held within 4 times 24 hours. The old rules allowed the president of parliament to shove adjourned meetings much further into the future, usually to the frustration of the opposition.

Now these rules are clear and there can be no more misunderstanding about them. This will force Parliament to deal with issues at a faster pace.

What is still missing in our opinion is a rule that obliges MPs to arrange their travel plans according to the Parliament’s meeting schedule – instead of the other way around. That is something to consider during the next forty months.

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