Editorial: Royal treatment (The Queen’s visit puts Govt in motion)

POSTED: 10/24/11 2:15 AM

There is an interesting psychological phenomenon at work in St. Maarten, triggered by the visit of H.M. Queen Beatrix.
At times there has been fierce criticism of those nosy Dutch (in the BES-islands they have even been labeled as arrogant) who come and tell us how to do things here.
But what a difference a Queen makes: the imminent visit of Her Majesty has set in motion a flurry of activities that are all designed to serve one purpose, and one purpose only: to make St. Maarten look good on November 3.
Suddenly, our government found buckets of paint to upgrade the dilapidated Government Administration Building. Suddenly someone got the idea to fix up the Prince Bernhard Bridge, and suddenly someone decided that it is about time to get rid of all those awful broken washing machines on the Sucker Garden Road.
This makes us wonder: if the government is capable of taking these steps to please our Queen, why is it not capable of taking these initiatives to please its own people and give them a similar royal treatment?

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Editorial: Royal treatment (The Queen's visit puts Govt in motion) by

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