Editorial: Royal reception

POSTED: 04/26/13 12:31 PM

The Kingdom is on the eve of a historic moment: the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. While this does not seem to excite our island-population it is good to remember that the royal family has functioned throughout the past 200 years as a stabilizing factor that kept the Netherlands and its outlying territories together. The royals play an important role in foreign trade missions that in turn contribute to the wellbeing of the Kingdom’s citizens.

Above all the royal family gives people a reason to be proud of the Kingdom they live in. The new King’s popularity is high: a recent survey shows that 80 percent supports Willem-Alexander and Máxima and that 85 percent favors the monarchy over a republic.

Despite all the quibbling that goes on at the political level between St. Maarten and the Kingdom, the royal family showed in 2011 once more that it is able to unite our people. When the royal couple returns here in November, the enthusiasm will probably be even more abundant.

We hail King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima and we are looking forward to giving them a royal reception in November.

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