Editorial: Roundabouts

POSTED: 08/7/14 11:16 PM

What exactly is the perimeter of a roundabout? Believe it or not, opinions differ on this little matter. The Democratic Party has taken the view that the campaign billboard it has erected in Belvedere near the Delta Petroleum gas station is not standing at a roundabout.

“It is a little outside of what could be considered around a roundabout,” party-leader Wescot-Williams said yesterday.

We think this is nitpicking on a level that will not do the party any good, if only because it is hardly possible to place said billboard closer to the roundabout than it already is.

This form of creative thinking will disgust at least some voters. It will make others wonder about the sanity of those who opine that the billboard is actually not standing at a roundabout.

We realize that there are more important things in life but we had expected a different attitude from a party that touts integrity and transparency as part of its platform


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