Editorial: Right on the money

POSTED: 09/16/15 11:10 PM


The letter from businessman Mike Ferrier (see page 6) touches a raw nerve – and it is so on the mark.  Right on the money is an expression that does very well in this context.

Our self-serving politicians have spread their own bed very well. From the day one enters parliament, the financial future for the next six years is guaranteed.

We understand the political pension system for politicians who are forced out of office from one day to the next.

What we do not understand is why politicians who voluntarily refrain from taking part in the elections – and who are therefore out of a political job due to their own choice – should still suck money from the treasury.

By claiming such entitlements, these former politicians show their real motives.

Lest readers have forgotten, those who did not take part in the elections last year are Patrick Illidge, Romaine Laville, Leroy de Weever and Sylvia Meyers-Olivacce.

Those who campaigned and were sent home (with benefits) by the electorate are Gracita Arrindell, Roy Marlin, Louie Laveist, Hyacinth Richardson and Jules James.

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