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POSTED: 07/8/13 12:26 PM

Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk has noted that the National Detective Agency in Curacao has completely insufficient resources to perform its tasks. Based on results, the same is true for its sister organization in St. Maarten.

Investigations that should have been long underway into possible corruption, money laundering, embezzlement and vote-selling – to name the most poignant examples – are going nowhere. The explanation is always the same: lack of resources or lack of expertise.

These excuses cannot carry the can forever. There comes a point when the focus has to turn towards the politicians that are responsible for the distribution of available resources.

Budgeting is all about setting priorities. The way things are going it seems clear that fighting corruption is not a priority. That’s a sad state of affairs. It is about time for the parliament to wake up and send a clear message to the electorate. Of course, doing nothing is also sending a message, but that’s not the one we want to hear.

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