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POSTED: 12/27/13 3:31 PM

A court in Rome acquitted Francesco Corallo of making false claims, a statement from his company BPlus’s press desk announced to the media.

That statement was Corallo’s call on diplomatic immunity when the Guardia di Finanza raided his house and office in Rome in 2010 during the Banco Popolare di Milano investigation.

The court ruling comes across as remarkable, to say the least. Last year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome made clear that it did not even know Corallo. Yet he claimed to be the FAO ambassador for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

While the court has now ruled that Corallo was an ambassador to the FAO for Dominica, the FAO-web site does not list the casino boss as a goodwill ambassador – a position that, by the way, does not come with diplomatic immunity – while diplomatic passports in Dominica are for sale at $100,000 a pop.

For now, we’ll have to take the BPlus statement at face value – but remarkable it is.

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