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POSTED: 11/9/11 12:57 AM

President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell stressed the need to reengineer at least 13 national institutions recently. It’s a position she repeated Tuesday. We don’t make a habit of agreeing with politicians, but in this case the root argument that the three branches of government should be able to discharge their duty free of too much encumbrance is valid.
What we must guard against though is that as we reengineer these institutions that we create sufficient confidence in the entity(ies) that will replace them. Yes no advisory or democratic institution is a sacred cow, but let’s not limit do away with things simply because we feel, at the political level, that they should be done away with.
As a newspaper we’ve taken a stance that there are too many committees and the overlaps are excessive, so it’s good to see a politician be brave and state that we really need to take a second look at how these many democratic bodies function, whether they are necessary and whether they can’t be brought together in some instances.
The fact that Arrindell has no specific ideas on where to go yet with the reengineering is good, because what the entire nation can spend the coming years doing is assessing all the agencies that came with being country and be very ready to give a solid contribution when the new status is evaluated at the five year mark. To sometime extent an in-depth discussion may be necessary now as the prime minister prepares for the Kingdom Conference as that meeting will focus on the future of the Dutch kingdom. A position on entities established by Kingdom Laws is no doubt a statement on the kingdom itself.
So together let’s discuss how (re)engineer a society where the government governs, legislates and dispenses justice and the population engages it leadership through institutions that are able to be effective and targeted.

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